My method of practice is influenced by Dr. Victor Frankl and his belief that life has meaning under all circumstances. I believe that we all have the ability to find meaning in all that we experience, even in our suffering.

My goal as a therapist is to witness and assist individuals as they discover the meaning in their life and work through current and historical struggles. Finding meaning is a personal and individual journey. Therefore, my approach is client centered and flexible. I tailor my practice to my clients and their individual needs. 

In general, I use Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Humanistic/Existential approaches. My work with  couples and families is influenced by Dr. Gottman's work, my work for parenting issues is based on the work of Dr. Gordon Neufeld, and my work with substnce use is influneced by the work of Gabor Mate. I believe that regardless of the modality, the foundation of therapy is based on the relationship between the individual and the therapist. 

The rapport between the therapist and the client must be genuine and collaborative. It takes courage to engage in the therapeutic process, it is not always easy. My hope for you is that through our work together you discover insight in to the problems/issues that occupy you, harness your inner strength to cope with the struggles that you face, and most importantly, find meaning and hope to live life fully.


Contact Information

Cell: 250-418-0550
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Areas of Practice
~ Infertility ~ Postpartum Depression~ Eating Disorders ~  Couples Counseling ~ Anxiety ~ Parenting ~ Trauma and Recovery ~ Abuse – Emotional, Mental, Physical and Sexual ~ Mental Health and Addictions ~ Self-Awareness and ~ Crime Victim Assistance (CVAP)